Geovanni Robinson (Geovanni) (born June 22, 1998) is a singer, rapper, producer, engineer and graphic designer hailing from The Bahamas. Conjoining RnB, Funk, Pop and Hiphop, he is seen sonically as a mix of Pharrell and Frank Ocean with his unique production, peculiar vocals, and near genius cover art.

Robinson began to make beats and songs in college 2016 and has released a number of projects and singles since then with his notable ones being “Modern Boy” (2019) and “Sunday” with fellow rapper Kuhseek (2020).

As of late, Robinson’s latest singles, the funky behemoth “Astonishing” feat. Ru and the neo soul anthem “Deep End,” are some of his best work to date, and broadcast Geovanni’s next step in his career.

Warm Colors,” is his latest project and has been released to critical acclaim thanks to hits like “Deep End,” “Stress Me Ote,” and “Luxury” with a few others.

Robinson is currently in Orlando, Florida studying audio engineering at Full Sail University, and building his music catalogue and content.

Warm Colors: a Geovanni x Ricky joint 🔥

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